A Shop that Shears, Shaves and Shines so You Stay Sharp

There are barbershops that give record-time haircuts, and there are those that offer a whole experience of relaxation and good conversation within delightful surroundings. Kwentong Barbero falls into the latter subset and has become a venue for male day-cations as memorable as its name.

When husband and wife Richard and Marissa Narvaez scored a space for a grooming establishment in Baguio city, they envisioned a throwback barber shop that would offer hair services both current and classy, while paying homage to a more genteel time of family-owned shops and service with a personal touch. Kwentong Barbero burst onto the scene in September 2002 and the citizens of the Summer Capital have been flocking to them ever since.

With its black and white checkerboard floor, 1940s barber chairs, subway tiles, brick walls, and film posters that take you back in time to the Prohibition Era, Kwentong Barbero works a hyperstylish vintage vibe with the comforting feel of a homey neighborhood shop. Though in every respect it looks like a quaint gentleman’s club, here, ladies and children are more than welcome. The best part is the services come at a price that won’t break the bank, which has come to be the norm in other swanky salons.


After settling into a chair, opt for a shampoo and haircut (P150) where a short massage to obliterate tension is thrown in as a freebie. The body massage (P300-P450) is anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour of sublime kneading to loosen tight spots and dissolve stress. Like any self-respecting salon, Kwentong Barbero offers the obligatory manicure/pedicure (P150), hair dye (P600), hot oil treatment (P300), and foot spa (P300). But its authenticity as a traditional barber shop lies in the other services reserved for unkempt dudes and shaven gentlemen alike. Any man sick of plastic razors can book a hot-towel straight-razor shave (P200) an ear-cleaning (P300) and a good old-fashion shoe shine (P50). The services menu includes other exciting combo packages with price points that don’t offend.

But the ultimate and inimitable charm of Kwentong Barbero is found in the barbers themselves, who give you more than a haircut or a soothing shave. KBB-5Between the snap of the clippers and the buzz of a razor are the sounds of conversation about sports, politics, and life. It’s not unusual for a barber to service three generations of a family or witness a man’s clean traditional Don Draper cut morph into the receding hairline of Leo Di Caprio. Here, the barber-client relationship doesn’t end with a good grooming. By the time your barber dusts you off, you would have, in all likelihood, made a friend you’ll want to visit regularly. That’s a quality that simply cannot be copied and is exactly what sets Kwentong Barbero apart from the rest of the hair care industry.


KWENTONG BARBERO Barbershop at SM City Baguio  and Holiday Park Hotel are open daily 10am- 9pm and 9am-8pm, respectively. For inquiries and reservations, call the grooming professionals at (074) 446 3555 (SM City Baguio) and (074) 422 8983 (Holiday Park Hotel).